Friday, June 10, 2011

"The Five Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid"

I recently read an article titled “The Five Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid” when selling their home.  I am not so sure they were the most common and I am sure there are many more than five things to remember.  Also I know that every sale is different and requires and open mind and a good listener.  In my thirty plus years in the wholesale boat business I learned and lived by those principles. With that warning, here are the five most common mistakes. (Article Source:
  • Selecting the wrong agent.
    Locate an agent who is familiar with the area in which the property is located and demonstrates that he or she has a level of experience and expertise with which you feel comfortable.
  • Only considering home sales in the area where the seller's home is located.
    Although it is necessary to consider what homes in the area have sold for recently but people should be sure not to exclude homes in other areas that are on the market. Sellers need to look at their homes constructively and ask themselves how they compare to others for sale in the same neighborhood and city.
  • Ignoring the power of the Internet.
    The world is on the Internet these days, and information about home listings should be there, too. It is common for people to begin their search for a new home online. Sellers who want to make a good impression with potential buyers and increase their opportunities of luring potential buyers to physically look at their homes should make sure their listings are packed with photos. Its cliché, but a picture really does paint a thousand words. Photos can tell a story and provide more information at times than a written description. Post photos of the home's interior and exterior. Does the home feature incredible landscaping? Show that off. Is the family room particularly large and inviting? People will want to see that.
  • Skimping on marketing.
    To get a home sold fast, it is important that a marketing plan be created. These days, it's increasingly easier to market homes because there are so many social media outlets at the disposal of not only real estate agents, but homeowners as well. A seller should ask his/her Realtor what specific marketing tools will be used to list their home. Real estate marketing sites abound. A growing number of agents market their listings on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Sellers also can use their own social media networks to spread the word that their home is for sale. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.
  • Following potential buyers around when showing your home.
    It's like being swooped down on as soon as you drive onto a car lot- people don't like to feel crowded, pressured or spied on by the homeowner when they look at a home. Some of the rental properties experts recommend that they not to be home while their home is being shown to a potential buyer. Buyers tend to feel uneasy about thoroughly inspecting a home when the owners are there.
Remember when you hire a Realtor you are hiring someone that will help sell your property.  The Realtor is your new assistant who will advise and keep you informed of all matters related to the sale of your home and will ask for and listen to your ideas and advice.  I learned many years ago when Bobbi (Wife), who knew nothing about my business, made suggestions that seemed to me  a waste of time but ended up working better than the way I had be doing things for years.  In fact it changed me for the better, forever. 

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