Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Has The World Come To?

This morning I stopped by the Social Security Office again for a visit. I was shocked to say the least observing the elderly couple in front of me trying to figure out how to maneuver there way through the security system set up at the front door. Now I have to say there isn’t much to it but I have been through this process several times. Recalling my first I was a little clumsy myself and thinking back the reaction to the security detail was similar. Their treatment was rude and frankly totally unnecessary. The couple was clearly disoriented and unable to understand what was happening or what was expected of them. This is the kind of stuff that just drives me crazy.

My grip here is simply that although a government building; we pay the rent and the salaries of the people who work here. We are the customers! How about some customer service or maybe just some courtesy and kindness?

In closing this was the second incident I have witnessed here. My first was a woman in tears a week ago because she had gone to the bathroom and when she returned the door was locked and security wouldn’t let her re-enter. When I reported the incident to the head security officer on the ground floor he simply explained the policy which clearly she had violated. I expressed how he should really reconsider and send someone up stairs and let her complete her business and reiterated how she was really upset. He replied that he would; I hope he did.

In life our success comes from God who asks to love one another. I know I fail at this like others, but sometimes we need to throw out our rules and just use His.

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