Monday, October 10, 2011

Teaching MacKenzie How To Drive

I want to be clear from the beginning I hate to be in a car that I am not driving.  In my prior profession I traveled up and down the East Coast at least three days a week, alone.  Recently Mackenzie turned sixteen; time to learn how to drive.  Bobbi (Wife) is much braver than I so she took charge of the initial lessons.  Bobbi is amazing when it comes to this type of thing; somehow she managed to sit quietly in the passenger seat and give instruction.  Ralph the Poodle (Mackenzie’s Dog) also went along to insure the safety of all participants.  He was also able to keep Bobbi’s mind on something other than the driving. 

Each day they drove and each day I heard how much better Mackenzie was doing.  Mackenzie continued to ask for me to take her driving and Bobbi kept telling me how much better she was doing and Ralph seemed unaffected by the driving experience so I decided one day to just ask Mackenzie if she wanted to go driving.  Excitingly she said ok Daddy.  True fully a moment of regret cam over me but now I was committed.  Now a month later and several lessons under my belt I am still alive and well.  I admit there are times when I have to take a deep breath but with Ralph on my lap, well he has been a comfort. 

There are still many more hours to driving required for her license and some highway driving requirements (Bobbi has been handing the Highway stuff.) but Mackenzie’s driver education grade to this point is an A+.  You are looking good!

Thank you Mackenzie for the fun times I will remember them always (Which for an older guy is a lot to say.) and am looking forward to spending some more time together driving.  

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