Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veterans Day

It was many years ago when serving in the Army that Veterans Day meant marching in a parade or doing some extra close order drill. (Torture)  Now it means so much more; it is about being apart of something so much bigger than anything I could ever imagined.  I was a soldier defending this great nation. 

My first three years in Italy was important and I was fortunate to be able to serve with some outstanding soldiers who helped me achieve things some would have said would be impossible given my past.  I worked hard and learned to conform to what was expected.  The outcome was promotion and more responsibility.  You see in the military your age doesn't matter it is getting the Job done; that is what is important. 

So what happens from here is a assignment to the DIA followed by a two year assignment to Loas.  Not exactly what I was hoping for but none the less I was prepared for after about six months of training in Washington DC.  The details aren't important but what is important is how it has impacted my life. 

After Laos I decided to go home and finish my education (I was a High School drop-out.) at the University of  New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology with minors in Business and History (Cum Laude).  You see now I knew how to get the job done and was willing to do what was necessary to succeed.

The rest of my years were blessed by GOD.  He has watched over my sinful soul and rewarded me appropriately and punished me when necessary.  I am grateful for the US Army and all the things they did for me and on this Veterans Day my hope is you will all be safe and that God will keep you in his care. 

Inspired by Bobbi my loving wife.

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