Friday, February 17, 2012

Seller Net at Closing (FISBO Help)

To find out how much money you’ll net from your house, add up your closing costs and subtract them from the sale price of the house.

Closing Costs for Sellers

Mortgage payoff and outstanding interest.
Pro rations for real estate taxes.
Pro rations for utility bills, condo dues, and other items paid in arrears.
Closing fees charged by closing specialist.
Title policy fees.
Home inspections.
Attorney’s fees.
Survey charge.
Transfer tax or other government registration fees.
Brokerage commission.

Total Expenses:

Selling Price:

Net Net to Seller:

Most of the above numbers are readily available or can be obtained with a phone call.  These numbers are crucial so you will know where you stand with the buyer and if his or her offer will fit into your scenario.

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