Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Need Mortgage Assistance? Facing Foreclosure? Need Help?

Need Mortgage Assistance? Facing Foreclosure? Need Help?

Here are some programs that may help you to save your home.  You may be able to get help from SCMortgage HELP. This program has spent between $8 and $9 million to help struggling South Carolina Homeowners avoid foreclosure.  There is another $295 million available until 2017.  Homeowners with mortgages of $729,000 or less can apply to see if they are eligible for help.  The website is www.SCMortgageHELP.com or call (855) 435-7472.  Here are a few of the the highlights of the program.
  • Up to $20,000 to catch up on Mortgage payments or up to $36,000 if you still haven't found a job.
  • If you are past the possibility of saving you home the program offers up to $5,000 to return to renter status.
Here are some other websites where you may get help.   Most of these programs will take time and patience so you will have to be strong of heart and mind and some faith in GOD will me a must. 

Mortgage Forgiveness Plan
Do you Qualify for Mortgage Relief? Check Status Online or Call Us Now.

Mortgage Foreclosure Help
Get Educated and Empowered. Free Webinar, Sign Up Now.

FHA Reverse Mortgage
Compare 4 Reverse Mortgage Quotes. No Obligation. Fast, Free, Easy.

Home Loan Modifications
Loan Modifications - Save your Home Lower your payment - Get help Now!

Further if you some help with completing the paper work you can contact me directly through email dlabrecque@cbunited.com.

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