Monday, July 9, 2012

Routine Plumbing System Maintainance

Checking and maintaining your pipes, toilets, water heater and more can help prevent your minor leaks from turning into major disasters, help maintain peak efficiency with your water heater and other systems, and prevent utility overpayment and Minimize costly repairs in the future.  So what what's could be included in your preventative maintenance plan?  Below is a list of the standard maintenance procedures you could follow when servicing your plumbing.
•Check water pressure in home

•Visual inspection of faucets for leaks

•Check for slow drains in bathtubs and sinks

•Visual inspection of shower tiles for obvious cracking or separation

•Visual inspection of bathtub grouting for cracking and leaking

•Visual inspection of toilet and tanks for leaks

•Visual inspection of accessible, exposed drain lines for signs of leaks

•Check to see if the garbage disposal is working properly

•Check to see if sump pump is working

•Test water heater operation

•Check operation of water heater elements (electric)

•Check amperage draw of water heater elements (electric)

•Check operation of water heater gas burner (gas)

•Check gas valve on water heater (gas)

•Check thermocouple on water heater (gas)

•Flush one gallon water from the water heater

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